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Hands off my ® brand, please!

I have spent considerable creative time and hard earned money to establish and protect this ® brand. Be respectful of my effort to provide good original products at affordable prices. Thank you :)

"You Never Regret" is an official registered brand name and is protected under the Australian and Trade Marks Act of 1995.

All other phrases that include the "You Never Regret" words or copied typographic style are also protected under law, Trade Marks Act of 1995.

Owner of Brand: Oliver Goodfellow 218 Evans Street Rozelle NSW 2039 Australia is the owner of this trade mark as provided by The Australian Government - IP Australia.

Legal Ownership has been provided by Fatima Beattie REGISTRAR OF TRADE MARKS NSW GOVERNMENT.

11th October  2011. Commonwealth of Australia Trade Marks Office.

TRADE MARK No. 1410593

Classes Various.

All rights reserved. Oliver Goodfellow. 2012®